Welcome to Preacher Building

Encouraging preachers to keep pressing forward to the prize ahead.

About Preacher Building

Preacher Building is dedicated to encouraging preachers to keep pressing on in their ministry. Recent times have been challenging and preachers need to surround each other and support one another.

The Preacher Building network was created for a way for preachers to share their works, lessons, thoughts and encouragement with one another. 

Preacher Building is specifically designed for ministers in the churches of Christ. 

Why Join Us

The Preacher Building network is to encourage preachers, but also to share material to assist others in ministry. We share sermon outlines, PowerPoints, illustrations, articles, websites, book, recommended resources and more.

You can join with us to be an encouragement to one another. 

A Big Thanks

Thank you to all of our members and our supporters. This network is not possible without your constant efforts. Thank you.